Spatial Metric Calculator

An important output of the project is the software tool called 'Spatial Metric Calculator'. This program allows for the intuitive construction of mathematical constructs called graphs, calculation & visualisation of graph based measures upon those graphs and is specifically designed to streamline research into spatial aspects of indoor building environments.

Origin and Capabilities

Spatial Metric Calculator is a powerful and versatile tool born out of the research need to streamline the process of building and encapsulating circulation routes of a building as a graph structure, identifying particular locations on that structure & the visibility between them and producing metrics which characterise aspects of that building. To achieve such a goal Spatial Metric Calculator allows for 

  • construction/editing/importing and 3d visualisation of up to four graph structures simultaneously
  • marking of specific locations on each graph
  • marking of visibility barriers (e.g. walls), calculation of visibility between marked locations and incorporation of such information into custom metric definitions
  • encapsulation of all entities into working projects or 'buildings' which can be rapidly edited, altered and contrasted in an intuitive design environment saving researchers having to start from scratch each time
  • the ability to calculate, visualise, export and compare a wealth of metrics defined on and between the graphs


Use and user base

Spatial Metric Calculator can be used to rapidly create/replicate the metrics used in the Active Buildings study and to define a great many more based on many user options. It can also be used as a generic graph analysis tool allowing for the calculation of many established centrality and distance measures alongside others that can be defined/conceived by the user using the metric options.

It is hoped that Spatial Metric Calculator would be particularly useful for any researchers engaged in similar research or any practitioners who would find value in attributing graph distances/measures to locations (particularly within buildings) whether for a similar purpose or any other such as, for example, productivity, efficiency, accessibility etc. which could all feasibly be linked to various measures of distance.

Manual, links and downloads

This is a open source program, written in C++, available for download as source code or, as will be most convenient for the vast majority of users, as a precompiled binary (app bundle/executable).  It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

A 64-bit app bundle for Mac users can be downloaded by clicking here.

A 32-bit app bundle for Mac users can be downloaded by clicking here.

A Win32 executable for Windows users can be downloaded by clicking here.

A 64-bit executable for Fedora based Linux users can be downloaded by clicking here.

The source code can be downloaded by clicking here.


Example building or 'project' files can be downloaded by clicking here.

A manual can be downloaded by clicking here.



Below are some videos that give an overview of Spatial Metric Calculator as well as a brief video tutorial on its use.